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AutoCAD Viewer: HTML5 autocad viewer.
Customization: Create own module.
Abby FlexiCapture: Integration with OCR engine.
OMR: Optimacal Mark Recognition.
Advanced catalog with Zone OCR.
OpenKM SDK for .NET.
Integration with DigiFactIn.
Invoice capture solution for accounting firms. Invoice capture management for consulting firms.
Automatic Keyphrase Extraction Summarization - KEA: The OpenKM summarization service.
OpenKM - Electronic Document Exchange.
OpenKM - Automatic Invoice Management.
OpenKM - Online edition with OnlyOffice.
OpenKM - Data Capture Service in the Cloud.
OpenKM - AutoCAD Previewer New UI.
OpenKM - File Plan.


Microsoft Office Addin
Live edit: Edit files remotely.
Knowledge Base: Create a knowledge repository.
Document Expiration : automatic catalog operations.
Desktop Sync: Automatic folders synchronization.
Task Manager.
OpenKM Scanner: Scanner client.
Chrome extension
Microsoft addin for Visio


Search for similar documents.
Support for mobiles.
Smart Tasks: automatic cataloging.
Extended columns: Metadata Display.
Mass Actions: Updating files simultaneously.
Crontab: Scheduling periodic tasks.
Bulk upload.
Digital Signature Client.
Verification digital signature tap Information about digital signed files, available from the Desktop area
OpenKM and LibreOffice working together with CMIS.
Autotag: Automatic tagging of documents.
Custom User Interface: With OpenKM we can customize our own user interface.
Web Capture.
Relationships: feature that allow to relate objects, documents, folders.
Annotations on documents: this allows annotations on documents from the preview.
Download tokens without authentication: this option allows you to create a download link that does not require authentication.
Import station: Automate and easily manage, large volumes of repository importation.
Comparison between two versions of a document. Let notice the differences of several versions of a document graphically.
Text Extraction. It lets see the keywords extracted from the content of a document.
Seal, watermark or stamp of documents.
HTML5 drag & drop How easy is upload files and folders at the same time in OpenKM from browser.
Virtual printer. Upload documents sending to the printer.
Chronoscan OCR.
Chronoscan automatic OCR data extraction working together with OpenKM Import Station.
AutoCAD Metadata capture
Show how OpenKM is able to extract metadata of AutoCAD files.
Microsoft Addin version for Outlook
Hot folder. Upload files from desktop.
OpenKM - Advanced Digital Signature .
Scanner Station: Wizard for massive scanning of documents.
Compare the versions of a document with Microsoft Office.
OpenKM - Live Edit for Windows.
OpenKM - Addin for Microsoft Access.
OpenKM - Addin for Microsoft Project .
OpenKM - Watermark in digital signature .
OpenKM - ScanStation Scan and split documents with barcodes.
OpenKM - Encryption client.
OpenKM - Handwritten Digital Signature.
OpenKM - Online Editor.
OpenKM - Bulk uploader - New UI.
How to use the online editor.
OpenKM - Two Factor Authentication.


Wizard catalog. The wizard helps to classify documentation according to various criterias.
Project explorer.The explorer helps to browse folders of projects and upload new documentation.


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